‘Pictures of You’ Editions

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I’ve never been an artist in the traditional meaning of the word – if anything traditional still exists when it comes to the subject of art, that is.

One thing I know, I’ve never been good at portrait photography. I’m not good at having people pose for me as I take photos of them. […] Partly it’s because the kind of connection one builds this way feels too direct, too explicit, too ‘loud’.

I feel more at ease with more unconventional types of portrait, like all those I’ve put in the ‘Pictures of You’ projects I’ve carried out so far.

I can only think of it as a kind of connection that builds up over time, one that I can only afford to express and make happen when I get to really ‘see’ at least a teeny bit of one person.

Or maybe these two kinds of portraits – the ‘traditional’ one and the unconventional one I make – are not incompatible, after all. Maybe they’re juxtaposed, they exist beside each other, and don’t steal from each other. They are just two different ways of casting a look over people and things.

The one thing they have in common (and it’s a major one) is that they both build a connection with people. I couldn’t have made any photo projects if I hadn’t had people at the other end of the idea – people that could make it real and true.

And that, really, is the best part.


So find below an overview of all the ‘Pictures of You’ Editions I have carried out so far. Also, the full version of this brief introductory post is here: click!


#1. ‘Pictures of You’



#2. ‘Real-life story. Coisas da minha vida’



#3. ‘I Live Therefore I Am’



#4. ‘Eye Contact’