Faroe Islands 2018 (1/8). Preliminary remarks

Around two weeks before travelling to the Faroe Islands, as I diligently and meticulously read through my Faroe Islands guide, as well as dedicated websites and online brochures, I reached a conclusion. The only way I could cope with preparing for the trip was by telling myself – and truly believe it, as I did – that that was going to be my first time in the Faroe Islands, but most definitely not the last.

After spending four long, intense and unforgettable days in the Faroes, I haven’t changed my mind about that pre-departure resolution. In fact, quite the opposite. On my next visits to the islands I will do my best to check off some more entries from the ‘to-do’ mental (and paper) lists I’ve been compiling before and during my Faroese stay.

There. Is. So. Much. To. See.

I’m well aware I’ve only seen a ridiculously small portion of the archipelago, yet I feel like I’ve seen so much. Except, I have been overwhelmed for days now, so much so that I barely know where to start to recount it all.

So let me draft a proper writing plan, and I will be right back.

Faroe Islands, lake Sorvagsvatn or Leitisvatn

Hike along the lake Sørvágsvatn/Leitisvatn toward the Atlantic Ocean, Vágar island. 1 May 2018

Faroe Islands, walk from Sandavagur to the rock Trollkonufingur

Walk from Sandavágur to the rock called Trøllkonufingur (Witch’s Finger), Vágar island. 1 May 2018 (yep, same day, fairly changeable weather)

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