Brno #15. Babí Lom in Fall Bloom, or Autumn at its best

An October hike to Babí Lom, outside Brno, is a great idea: autumn looks pretty stunning around the watchtower that time of the year.


14 Oct 2017. I’d never been hiking around the same place more than one time. Until I went to Babí Lom, where I’ve been hiking three times now, and in less than a year.

Babí Lom Babí Lom

Babí Lom remains one of my favourite hiking areas around Brno. I first saw it enveloped in thick clouds back in early March, when the calendar said that spring had yet to begin.

Then I saw it all green and shiny in late May, warmed by the sun and in full bloom.

How could I possibly miss out on its glowing autumn views, golden light and golden leaves? So I went back.

Babí Lom

About the Babí Lom hike I have already written extensively in the previous posts, so this time I won’t be adding any more unnecessary words. This post, really, is all about the colours.

Babí Lom Babí Lom

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