Norway 2015 (1/6). Kristiansand: Preliminary remarks

In 2015 my Mum and I spent a few days in Kristiansand, capital of the Norwegian Riviera. Exploring the Southern Norwegian Archipelago was a very good idea.


The way this trip came about is almost elementary in its simplicity. Late spring 2015, back when I was (still) an MA student in my final year, meant exams AND dissertation AND oh-dear-Lord-will-I-ever-be-graduating. In one word, a whole lot of STRESS.

But it’s not like I have a monopoly on stress. Around those days my Mum was particularly sick and tired of her everyday routine, so we agreed to spend a few days away together after the end of my exam session. Yaay.


‘You pick a destination, and we go’, she said to me. It took me less than a microsecond to know where we were going. It was only a matter of deciding which area of the country we’d be visiting. We only had a few days available, so we had to choose wisely.

We eventually opted for Kristiansand, capital of the Vest-Agder county and the Sørlandet region (i.e. Southern Norway). As I later discovered, Sørlandet is also known as ‘the Norwegian Riviera’, what with its picturesque towns scattered along the coastline, its secluded beaches and its tiny islands off the mainland. Exploring the Southern Norwegian Archipelago sounded like a very good idea.


We only had to spend a few hours in Oslo before boarding the late afternoon train that would take us straight to the coast. But then, the sky was so beautiful, and we had the city itself to keep us company. It wasn’t too bad, really.


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