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‘Eye Contact’. A photo project [SOON]

‘I Live Therefore I Am’. Translating words into photos

‘Coisas da minha vida’. A photo project

‘Pictures Of You’. A photo project



So Series. The photo series ‘Dark Outside In…’

So Series. The Photo Series ‘Shots From Random’

So Series. The ‘ThrowBackNorway’ (TBN) Series

So Series. The ‘Brnoon Series’ Series



Puzzle #7. Time and Space, and Space and Time, and… [SOON]

Puzzle #6. If I were an artist… [SOON]

Puzzle #5. One and Many, and the Meaning of Change

Puzzle #4. Burgers after school, or Deep talking over dinner

Puzzle #3. The notion of face: Czech class, alcohol and mist

Puzzle #2. Walk home on a Friday night

Puzzle #1. View from 6th floor, or Silence in the room




Food Faves #3. Košice, a taste of Eastern Slovakia

Food Faves #2. Eating and drinking in Sofia

Food Faves #1. A Taste of Czech Tradition in Brno


Fave Cafes #1. Helsinki, Cafe Regatta: A Delight In All Senses




Norway. Tales of Travel and Love

So Series. The ‘ThrowBackNorway’ (TBN) Series

Norway. Why I always go to Akersgata when I’m in Oslo


Norway 2019 (4/4). Varden, the snow and all that sky

Norway 2019 (3/4). Bus ride down the Atlantic Road and Kristiansund

Norway 2019 (2/4). Two sides of Molde on a winter day (and night)

Norway 2019 (1/4). Molde: Preliminary remarks


Norway 2017 (6/6). Nyholms Skandse and the usual goodbye

Norway 2017 (5/6). Mount Rønvik and (almost) Keiservarden

Norway 2017 (4/6). Saltstraumen and all that snow

Norway 2017 (3/6). Bodø: A Day in the (Unexpected) Sun

Norway 2017 (2/6). Norway 2017 (2/6). Street Art looks good on you, Bodø

Norway 2017 (1/6). Bodø: preliminary remarks


Norway 2016 (9/9). Oslo: One-way ticket to Bygdøy and back

Norway 2016 (8/9). The remains of myself and how to not say goodbye

Norway 2016 (7/9). Hiking in muddy Bymarka

Norway 2016 (6/9). My very own fjord pilgrimage

Norway 2016 (5/9). Munkholmen Island and the Nidelva way

Norway 2016 (4/9). Nidaros and Trondheim city centre

Norway 2016 (3/9). Trondheim, at last

Norway 2016 (2/9). Killing time in sunny Oslo

Norway 2016 (1/9). Trondheim: preliminary remarks


Norway 2015 (6/6). Kristiansand:  Afterword

Norway 2015 (5/6). Trip to Odderøya 2.0

Norway 2015 (4/6). Sunday trip to Odderøya and Bragdøy

Norway 2015 (3/6). Trip to Jegersberg and beyond

Norway 2015 (2/6). The urban landscape of Kristiansand

Norway 2015 (1/6). Kristiansand: preliminary remarks


Norway 2013 (6/6). Sleeping (?) near Torp airport

Norway 2013 (5/6). Sleeping (?) in the train

Norway 2013 (4/6). Swords of Stavanger (and more)

Norway 2013 (3/6). D(alsnuten) Day

Norway 2013 (2/6). The long journey to Stavanger

Norway 2013 (1/6). Stavanger: preliminary remarks


Norway 2012 (3/3). Overnight Hurtigruten: from Svolvær to Tromsø

Norway 2012 (2/3). Daytime Hurtigruten to Stamsund

Norway 2012 (1/3). Hurtigruten: preliminary remarks


Norway 2011. At first glance



Faroe Islands 2018 (8/8). Vestmanna Bird Cliffs Tour

Faroe Islands 2018 (7/8). The walk from Sørvágur to Gásadalur

Faroe Islands 2018 (6/8). Colours of Sandavágur and Trøllkonufingur

Faroe Islands 2018 (5/8). The hike to Sørvágsvatn: A gate to the outfield

Faroe Islands 2018 (4/8). Tórshavn: Portrait of A Capital

Faroe Islands 2018 (3/8). The long drive to Gjógv

Faroe Islands 2018 (2/8). (Fun) Facts and Figures

Faroe Islands 2018 (1/8). Preliminary remarks




Iceland 2020 (1/4). Reykjavik: Preliminary remarks




Denmark 2019 (3/8). Portrait Of A Capital. Hear Copenhagen

Denmark 2019 (2/8). Portrait Of A Capital. See Copenhagen

Denmark 2019 (1/8). Preliminary remarks + Intermezzo at Prague Airport




Finland 2019 (4/4). Helsinki: Ferry trip to Suomenlinna

Finland 2019 (3/4). Helsinki: Portrait of A Capital. Part II

Finland 2019 (2/4). Helsinki: Portrait of A Capital. Part I

Finland 2019 (1/4). Helsinki: Preliminary remarks


Lapland 2013 (5/5). A day in the light

Lapland 2013 (4/5). Faint green lights across the Finnish winter sky

Lapland 2013 (3/5). Santa Claus 2.0 and Thomas the reindeer

Lapland 2013 (2/5). Santa Claus and my first snowmobile drive

Lapland 2013 (1/5). Rovaniemi: preliminary remarks



Slovenia On The Road 2018 (7/8). Portorož + Piran = Oh, Slovenian Coast

Slovenia On The Road 2018 (6/8). Kozjak Waterfall and Soča Valley

Slovenia On The Road 2018 (5/8). The Julian Alps: from Kranjska Gora to Bovec

Slovenia On The Road 2018 (4/8). Unexpected detour to Vintgar Gorge

Slovenia On The Road 2018 (3/8). The Lakes: Bohinj and Bled

Slovenia On The Road 2018 (2/8). Ljubljana: Portrait of A Capital

Slovenia On The Road 2018 (1/8). Preliminary remarks



Croatia 2019 (1/3). Zagreb: Preliminary remarks



Romania 2019 (1/4). Romania: Preliminary remarks



Košice 2017. Eastern Slovakia for dummies




Brno 2018 (16/n). Babí Lom deep in snow

Brno 2017 (15/n). Babí Lom in Fall Bloom, or Autumn at its best

Brno 2017 (14/n). Babí Lom 2.0 and the long walk back to Brno

Brno 2017 (13/n). From Hády to Marianské Údolí, somehow

Brno 2017 (12/n). Early spring around springy Přehrada

Brno 2017 (11/n). Babí Lom, to begin with

Brno 2017 (10/n). Twilight

Brno 2017 (9/n). Anthropos park in a white coat

Brno 2017 (8/n). The One Where Things Are Different Though They Are The Same

Brno 2017 (7/n). Dam(n) frozen Brněnská Přehrada

Brno 2017 (6/n). Brno Squared: Around the main squares of the centre

Brno 2017 (5/n). Hidden Brno (on the map)

Brno 2016 (4/n). Hidden Brno (before my eyes)

Brno 2016 (3/n). One month later

So Series. The ‘Brnoon Series’ Series

Brno 2016 (1/n). Preliminary remarks



South Moravia (7/n). Žd’ár nad Sázavou, or The Day Trip You Don’t Expect

South Moravia (6/n). Pálava: From Šakvice to… Šakvice

South Moravia (5/n). Day trip to Lednice and Valtice

South Moravia (4/n). Two Sides of Podyjí National Park. Part II. Listicles

South Moravia (3/n). Two Sides of Podyjí National Park. Part I. Technicalities

South Moravia (2/n). The Pálava Red Trail: Vineyards and More

South Moravia (1/n). From B(rno) to Z(nojmo)



Sofia 2018 (3/3). Sofia in one day: so where were we?

Sofia 2018 (2/3). Here, there and (almost) everywhere

Sofia 2018 (1/3). 36 hours in Sofia: preliminary remarks





Ukraine 2017 (10/10). 5 Things That Will Make You Want to Google-Map Uzhhorod

Ukraine 2017 (9/10). Lviv in 7 hotspots and 38 snapshots

Ukraine 2017 (8/10). 10 Things That Will Make You Want To Visit Odessa

Ukraine 2017 (7/10). Kiev, Part III: The City

Ukraine 2017 (6/10). Kiev, Part II: Tell me about Maidan

Ukraine 2017 (5/10). Kiev, Part I: City of Churches

Ukraine 2017 (4/10). The (extra)ordinary beauty of Kiev streets and buildings

Ukraine 2017 (3/10). First glimpse of Kiev

Ukraine 2017 (2/10). Intermezzo at Budapest airport

Ukraine 2017 (1/10). Preliminary remarks

Ukraine 2017. ‘No News, But I Don’t Believe…’: A Labyrinth of the memory in the heart of Kiev


Chernobyl 2017 (4/4). And then, Pripyat

Chernobyl 2017 (3/4). Entering the 10-km Zone

Chernobyl 2017 (2/4). One-Day Tour. So it began

Chernobyl 2017 (1/4). The Exclusion Zone: preliminary remarks



Postcards from Russia (4/8). Letters from Saint Petersburg

Postcards from Russia (3/8). 10 ways to complete the sentence ‘Moscow is the city where…’. Entries #6 to #10

Postcards from Russia (2/8). 10 ways to complete the sentence ‘Moscow is the city where…’. Entries #1 to #5

Postcards from Russia (1/8). Preliminary remarks



Graz 2018. Solo Weekend Escapade to Styria



DRESDEN 2017 2.0

Dresden 2017 (2.0). Colours of Dresden


Dresden 2017 (4/4). The ‘New’ Neustadt

Dresden 2017 (3/4). The ‘Old’ Altstadt

Dresden 2017 (2/4). First contact resolution

Dresden 2017 (1/4). Preliminary remarks


Bavaria 2016 (4/4). Afterword

Bavaria 2016 (3/4). Hochries to the top

Bavaria 2016 (2/4). Around Chiemsee

Bavaria 2016 (1/4). Preliminary remarks



Lithuania 2016 (10/10). The Ninth Fort

Lithuania 2016 (9/10). Rainy welcome to Kaunas

Lithuania 2016 (8/10). Straight to the tip

Lithuania 2016 (7/10). Nida and the two sides of the Spit

Lithuania 2016 (6/10). Klaipeda and Smiltyne

Lithuania 2016 (5/10). Trakai Castle and more Vilnius

Lithuania 2016 (4/10). From Vilnius to Europos Parkas

Lithuania 2016 (3/10). Vilnius in a nutshell

Lithuania 2016 (2/10). Vilnius at first sight

Lithuania 2016 (1/10). Preliminary remarks



Cervia (2/2). The Salt Pan: where the sea salt is

Cervia (1/2). Cervia Salt Pan: preliminary remarks



NUOK. Good food in Forlì: Three restaurant ideas

NUOK. One day around Forlì: from the San Domenico Museums to Saffi Square

NUOK Zone: preliminary remarks