Brno 2018 (16/n). Babí Lom deep in snow

20 Jan 2018. Last Tuesday it snowed quite hard in Brno – ‘at last’, some (including, cough cough… myself) would say: so far there had been little snow (especially compared to last year) and, even when it looked like it might last at least a bit, the snow always melted overnight.

This time, though, the snow did last. In fact, there was a little more snow also on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Four days in a row, yaay.

So what I did first thing on Saturday morning was… well, fairly predictable, if not very easy to guess. At 7.30 I boarded tram 1, at Semilasso I changed to bus 41, and at 8.27 my fourth hike from Lelekovice to Babí Lom happened – in the snow, that is.

The weather was surprisingly amazing (at least for a while), and the hills, the nature and the scenery… well, the photos really speak for themselves, don’t they?

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