So Series. The ‘ThrowBackNorway’ (TBN) Series

To be 100% fair and honest with myself, I shall admit that I have very personal reasons for writing this post and embarking on the once-a-week task it will entail. I’m still in the process of ascertaining whether I will actually be able to spare a few extra days from my rotas for a brief escape, i.e. spare a few extra days specially for Norway-related purposes. I don’t know, I just know I truly hope so.

In the meantime, because remembering the good (not-so-)old times is always heart-filling (though painfully so, at times), I thought I’d brush some dust off Norway snapshots I’ve been piling up over the past few years – of which I will hopefully be piling up more and more in the future as well.

July 2012. Tromsø

So that’s how I came up with the ThrowBackNorway (TBN) Series. This series (which is 100% photo-based) rests on two extremely simple, basic rules:

1. It is released once a week, and, because it owes its name to the all the more popular ‘ThrowBackThursday (TBT)’ idea, it will be released on Thursdays and on Thursdays only;

2. It includes snapshots of my very own ‘Norway past’, i.e. the Norway I have visited six times so far (and counting).

It’s like with old photographs, right? You don’t ever seem to get tired of going over them again and again. Hope you like the TBN Series!

July 2012. Marinepollen, Lofoten

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